We Say Electric Scooters Are Here To Stay 

Over a decade ago radiocontrolledstuff.net came into play as an online hobby store and actually achieved number one Google ranking for the search term, radio controlled boats.

Even after having experienced some success, it lasted for only a brief time, but I always remembered how nice it was working for myself online … 

Then something happened to make me want to get the store seriously up and running again, albeit more than a decade later. 

While walking the dog we came upon a garage sale where this cool scooter looking thing, called a Razor, caught my eye. The Lady there said she only wanted 10 bucks for it. It was electrically motorized and needed batteries and it also had a rear flat. When she said she had the inner tube to fix the flat tire, for some reason that was all I needed to know, I needed this … so I grabbed it. 

Got the batteries and easily fixed the tire, much to my surprise , I mean when does that happen? It then worked as advertised, as they say. Right away I started thinking …upgrade. Then like the radio controlled boats …website.

I simply fell in love with something, that for my tastes, was really what I think as easy quick cheap fun … helping me forget about things I wish I could forget about forever, for a minute or two . Quiet, when compared with the “gassers” and clean, not counting the carbon footprint from the manufacturing side of things.

Only problem is that Theo, the dog, thinks he should be able to run along side of me. Is he fast enough? He’s part Whippet, I think that answers that question. Do I trust myself, or others  not to hurt us/him ? No .

It sounds like a lot of fun and what a great way to tire the little guy out. Please don’t do it…oh yea …while I’m on this subject, wear a helmet as the first thing that usually hits something hard in a scooter accident is your face.

These machines need your full attention.  It can be dangerous out there and you can really hurt yourself . Much worse,  is hurting someone else, accident or no accident. Avoid that at all costs never lose focus around any kind of traffic and better yet just stay away from the crowd altogether.

Now I live in a small town which is perfect for such a device. No traffic, no tons of people walking around to bother, lots of big empty sidewalks and trails. In fact the faster the better out here. I would opt for the PS-500L as I am old enough now to not need fast,  faster and fastest anymore. It’s now just fine to get that same rush at 15 mph. 

As my small town is ideal, not so for the big City. It’s a mess with the dock-less scooter rentals getting lots of people angry, causing rightful concern in cities all over the country.

Our blog will be following the whole situation with news from all over the world about this fairly new craze… Hopefully like me it’s just interesting while not hindering your ease of enjoyment.

I think no matter what the news is … electric scooters are here to stay. Where there’s a will there’s a way and if big money is involved like it appears to be ( like it was with the marijuana controversy ) the city problems will eventually be fixed to accommodate the so called free market .

My vote is to figure it out so it’s safe and do not allow until that’s the case. Plus why rent when you can have one delivered to your front door and use it for some fun … that you control.

Colin Jones

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